Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

As a former director of special education, a retired superintendent and school board member, I could not believe superintendent Switzer’s response to the Nartker family.

It seems to me that with the serious accident and long recovery process the family has been through enough.

The school’s response that this creates a hardship for them is appalling.

The district has total responsibility to do whatever is necessary to ensure that any student with disabilities receives the services needed.

The parents cannot be required to leave their jobs to transport their son at the end of the school day.

I sincerely hope that the parents insist that Pettisville begins meeting its obligation immediately. If not, they need to call the Ohio Department of Education, Division of Special Education, and request an immediate hearing.

They could also consult an attorney who was familiar with due process and rights provided to students who have special needs.

I wrote this letter because all parents need to know their rights, including having their school assume responsibility for the full and appropriate education for their child(ren).

Sharon Stannard


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