Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

We are filled with many different emotions after reading the opinion article in the Sept. 12 issue regarding the runaway school bus.

Most prevalent are emotions of sadness, disbelief, and pity– sadness for Mr. Babcock, the driver of the bus, who made an embarrassing mistake, and disbelief and pity for the Buckeye, who has nothing more to write than a humiliating “what-if scenario.”

Not one person can say they’ve never made a mistake, and there are always “what-ifs” that could have resulted in tragedy.

We are sure, however, that if it was later in the afternoon and kids were out of school or if there were children on the bus, Mr. Babcock himself would have been on the bus.

We are sure that a pileup (a collision involving several motor vehicles) could have been avoided if motorists had not seen the big, yellow bus crossing the street in front of them.

And we are sure that if the bus had missed the pole on the side of the street, it would not have had enough momentum to get as far as the library community room.

We have had children on Mr. Babcock’s bus for close to 10 years and we trust him completely with their lives. He has always gone out of his way to ensure the safety of every child.

This situation has not changed that.

What has changed is our level of respect for the Buckeye.

While we have neither lucky stars nor a rabbit’s foot to squeeze, we do have a God who is in control and we know He was watching over and protecting everyone in and near the situation. Let’s just praise Him for that.

Mark and Chrissy Stuckey


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