Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

I am writing this in response to the Buckeye’s July 4 editorial of Archbold’s superintendent resigning and his everlasting legacy.

I more than respect this newspaper’s opinions and hope those who read this letter will grant me the same.

I was employed by the Archbold Schools for 14 years. I only worked under this superintendent for a few months.

But this was long enough to see the negative changes in the attitude and relationships among the staff.

I do believe you gave this superintendent way too much credit for the wind turbine, tablet computers, working to keep the school budget in line and dealing with teachers and their union.

Is this not his job? Is this not why any superintendent is hired?

As far as the school receiving so many Excellence ratings, I do not see where you can give any superintendent any credit for this.

In my view, it all goes to every hard-working student. Also, to the teachers who put the students first and setting aside any turmoil that might have been affecting them through the workplace.

They and only they that did the work should receive the legacy.

Yes, there are those who had some disagreements with this superintendent, probably far more than the public heard or knew about.

For all of them is why I felt the need to write this letter.

So for all of us who are praying for the next leader of our schools we say, “Goodbye Mr. Deskins.”

Carol DeVries


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