Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

My name is Anna Bartels. I am an exchange student from Isernhagen, Germany. For 10 months I have been living with my host family, the Roughtons. I am a junior at Paulding High School.

I have discovered quite a few differences between my school at home and schools in America. One difference would be the school dances, like the prom.

School dances are new to me, since German schools don’t offer after-school activities (that includes sports). Before coming here the only thing I knew about football or basketball was what I had seen in movies.

School is not the only area where I discovered differences. For the most part I can say that the people are especially different. Americans are known to be really friendly and outgoing people, but I was still surprised.

On prom day, a group of my friends met and after taking pictures we left for Archbold. We went to “Stella Blue,” a really nice restaurant for dinner. We were rather early for dinner so not a lot of people were there yet.

Seven of us ordered. A little later the waitress came to tell us we would be having an awesome night. Someone had paid for all of our meals.

We were stunned and tried to guess who had paid for the dinners. Eventually, we decided the couple who sat next to us must have paid the bill.

We were all super excited. That was the nicest thing I’ve experienced during my stay.

I wish I could tell them what that generosity meant to me. It was more than nice and will always be one of my great American memories.

Prom was a wonderful night. In June I will take this amazing memory home with me.

Anna Bartels

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