Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

Intelligent, thoughtful people often disagree, whether it be about politics, religion or education.

A united front means nothing if it is not honestly held; it can indicate a lack of personal strength or belief.

Personally, I’m delighted to see board members discuss, sometimes disagree and then go on to other issues.

The ability to function does not depend on complete agreement and the ability to compromise is a skill our national leaders on both sides could certainly work to develop.

I commend Archbold’s school board for discussing opposing views, making diffi cult decisions and going on with the business of running the school.

There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing on an issue as long as board members continue to move the school district forward.

The coming months will bring discussion of more diffi cult issues as state funding and evaluation continue to change. The important thing is to keep thinking.

Diverse opinions never hurt anyone.

Cherie Short

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