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Letter To The Editor

I was disappointed to see The Buckeye join the chorus of media misdirecting blame for the mass shooting in Arizona.

In the hours and days after the attack, too many journalists seem to have reported the stories they wish were true, rather than having bothered to seek the facts (or at least had patience enough to wait for others to do so).

The Buckeye is joining the chorus that wants to blame politicians’ use of gun-related metaphors? (Well, politicians on the right anyways. Mysteriously, President “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun” Obama has escaped the media’s criticism).

Hogwash. The English language is replete with these sayings (“point blank,” “half-cocked,” “worth a shot,” etc. etc.)

Americans have a strong and proud history that includes the right to keep and bear arms.

Firearms are used each and every day in this country for sport, for hunting, and for self-defense. It is completely natural that old phrases, such as “flash in the pan” and “lock, stock and barrel,” and new phrases, such as “shoot me an email” and “target marketing,” would make their way into our everyday speech.

The truth, which so many journalists couldn’t seem to wait for, was being expressed by a high school friend of the murderer on ABC News even as The Buckeye’s misguided editorial hit newsstands:

“He did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left. He wasn’t on the right.”

The only person responsible for this attack is the one person the media haven’t been willing to blame. The man who pulled the trigger.

The Buckeye certainly “missed the mark” on this one.

Chad D. Baus

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