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Letter To The Editor

In response to the recent debate on the Archbold Area Schools superintendent’s salary, plus that of the teachers and staff, this letter has been written.

This writer has lived in many different states and had children in public and private schools in various states. Archbold schools have been, by far, the best district this writer’s children have attended.

It has always been the opinion of this writer and many others in the community that in order to have excellent academic achievement among the students at our schools only two things are truly needed: a comfortable place to meet and excellent dedicated staff.

Archbold has received an Excellent rating over the last several years. This is not by accident, but because the standard of staff and teachers is high.

The school board has worked hard to hire and maintain a staff that is dedicated to a goal of academic excellence. To have such dedication that results in such acclaimed academic achievement is priceless!

To keep this trend going strong, we must continue to pay our teachers, administration, and staff good compensation. They are worth much more than we could ever pay, and we want them to stay in Archbold.

As for putting salaries into the public forum of the front page of the newspaper, isn’t salary discussion and debate the prerogative of the school board? Is this not one of the very reasons they are elected?

Let them do their job. They have done very well so far.

Kristy Strawn Archbold

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