Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

My husband and I take great pride in our lawn and landscaping and like all the travelers through our village.

We are not pleased to see weeds on our terrace. We have the Village of Archbold and those whom they hired to thank for the lovely weeds gracing South Defi- ance Street.

We carefully mow, water, and fertilize, yet the weeds return the next day without fail.

With all the issues facing our community today, I find it appalling that weeds is the only subject the Archbold Buckeye can find to write about.

I challenge the Buckeye to write about something worth reading. How about the outrageous Medicaid tax that the State of Ohio has imposed on our hospitals. It is threatening the very survival of our community hospitals and will force us to seek healthcare outside of our community instead of in our own backyard.

Perhaps you could focus on the loss of jobs that is affecting our friends and families, leaving more and more in our community wondering how they will pay the bills.

Maybe you could spend some time trying to convince the many unhappy travelers through this “weed choked dump” to visit some of our stores downtown and boost our economy.

I invite you to stop by our home anytime and enlighten us on how to properly care for our weeds.

I just hope that come September, the village will make sure that grass seed is actually sown and we can all be proud of the grass in Archbold once again.

I am certain then, all our problems will be solved.

Brigitte Schrickel Archbold

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