Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

I do not know if Representative Wachtmann is practicing partisan politics or not, but I was very happy to see that he is exposing the Ohio construction bidding process.

The majority of the people in Ohio have never belonged to a union; yet, for construction projects that are funded with our tax money anyone working on-site is forced to pay what is called the prevailing wage rate.

This, in effect, makes anyone bidding on the project estimate their labor cost using an inflated minimum labor rate.

I do not know who sets the rate, but basically it forces nonunion contractors to pay a wage to their employees comparable to the union wage scale.

The sole purpose of this policy is to give inefficient, overpaid union workers a better chance to be awarded the contract.

What it does for the construction project is raise the cost substantially.

On the Northwest State addition alone, the cost may be as much as $400,000 higher, according to Representative Wachtmann.

What the Project Labor Agreement did was not even allow nonunion contractors to bid, even if they paid the prevailing wage rate.

Ohio is facing somewhere in the neighborhood of an $8 billion dollar budget shortfall. Our governor and too many elected officials are willing to cut money from education and other basic services, but will not stand up to the labor unions and stop this wasteful bidding requirement.

We need more people like Lynn Wachtmann, no matter which party they belong to, that are looking out for the good of the majority of us not some special interest organization.

Duane Fielitz Defiance

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