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Letter To The Editor

State representative Lynn Wachtmann’s comments on last week’s front page about NSCC using union workers embarrassed me.

He was anti-worker, yet Fulton County is filled with workers. He is anti-you and -me.

Wachtmann had only negative comments about unions. But unions promote decent wages, are good for Ohio workers, and raise workers’ standard of living.

NSCC Vice President Of Institutional Advancement Mari Yoder effectively countered his claim that NSCC was discriminating against its students, by saying NSCC trains students for union apprenticeships.

Wachtmann himself needs to “come to his senses,” as he says, and stand up for Ohio hourly workers who deserve decent wages.

Working on NSCC construction with prevailing wages would be better than on the Pettisville school construction through Ohio Schools Facilities Commission with lower wages, which he argued for, as if that were a positive.

Wachtmann claims NSCC is “driving up the cost per student” and “there’s no arguing the other side (using union workers),” but Yoder countered well by pointing out tuition costs are similar to nearby Owens Community College and NSCC recently lowered tuition.

Wachtmann is not a good representative for promoting our local community college with comments like his.

He characterizes unions as “evil.” Evilness means profound immoralness and not distinguishing between right and wrong behavior.

Wachtmann’s behavior toward unions demonstrates his inability to distinguish what is right and what is wrong for workers.

His digression to irrelevant topics such as gay parades and women’s medical care when conversing with the NSCC president demonstrates irrationality. The topic is unions, not parades or health care.

It is irrational to digress to topics off the subject that make no sense in the context of the discussion.

Wachtmann’s comments demonstrate he is not fit to represent Fulton County workers. He is not representing us well.

Sarah Maxwell Archbold

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