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Letter To The Editor

My job has taken me around this great country working with a lot of cemeteries.

One that has a special place in my heart is The National Cemeteries located across the country.

Each location has a central monument and is laid out in a manner that is a lasting salute to all who have served this great country.

The rows are straight, the monuments are cleaned and exactly placed so one can look in different directions and see straight rows same as a military formation.

We need to remember those that have served to give us the freedoms and protect our God-given rights we enjoy today.

As one walks through a cemetery, it is only natural to reflect on the past. What would we have if no one defended our country and the values our forefathers laid out many years ago?

Over the course of history, our country has seen many challenges and our future has storm clouds gathering on the horizon.

How we handle things today will have a lasting effect on our future.

Thank any veteran for his service every day you meet one. Both of you will receive a blessing.

If you have never been to a National Cemetery, go to your nearest cemetery and look for the different veteran markings and flags. God bless America.

Dean Nafziger Archbold

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