Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

In regards to the article on the new county flood plain, I am a resident and farmer in Franklin Township. I am well aware of the problems of the Tiffin River and its flooding.

There is no doubt that the flooding was worse in the last year or two; however, I don’t believe this was due to a longtime weather change.

Everyone knows if you are going to keep something working, you have to perform routine maintenance, or if you don’t, it will eventually break down.

This is the case for the Tiffi n River. The last two years the flooding in my area was caused by a break in the dike upstream. It probably had to do more with a woodchuck than a new weather pattern.

Since the “burden of proof” relies on us property owners, I thought it would be important to let your readers know that this is not happening “once a month.”

FEMA has painted the whole area with one big brush, not taking into account properties that are above or intentionally built above flood plains. To do this and then make us prove we are not in the flood plain by hiring surveyors or requiring flood insurance is wrong.

I would expect more from our county officials than misrepresentation of facts and looking the other way. The Tiffin River needs maintenance. The problem is not new and is not going away.
Jon Rupp

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