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Letter To The Editor

In last week’s edition of the Buckeye,
there were some omissions that should be addressed.

The Archbold school district is one of only 39 districts in the state that have attained the highest rating possible by the Ohio Department of Education for nine or more consecutive years. When such academic success exists, there are many contributing factors.

The Archbold community has consistently selected strong school board leaders who selflessly serve, keeping their eyes on the long-term interests of the students and the district.

Our schools have consistently hired strong school administrators who work hard to ensure the education and safety of the students.

Archbold Schools are also fortunate to have outstanding teachers, who contribute many hours working diligently to prepare our young people for college and eventual employment and contribution as citizens.

The recent editorial neglected to mention the hard work of the classified staff members, ensuring the safety and well being of all of our students at all times.

How about the parents of this district? There are few school communities anywhere that offer the type of parental and family support that we are blessed to have in Archbold.

This partnership is essential for us to do our jobs effectively in the schools.

Our schools have business and community leaders who support us in amazing ways. This success is not the work of any individual, but instead, is a team effort of board members, administrators, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, business leaders, community members and willing taxpayers.

Finally, we start with some of the greatest kids in all of Ohio who work hard at their studies and understand the value of an education!

Each one of us plays a role in the educational process, so let’s remember to give credit where credit is due!
David Deskins

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