Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

When I pulled into the parking lot at the Archbold Library a few minutes before opening time this morning (Tuesday, Dec. 22), there were two of the librarians outside shoveling the sidewalk, since our hired groundskeeper doesn’t respond when there’s just a minimal amount of snow on the ground.

Yet these ladies readily recognized that anyone coming to the library could easily slip and fall with just a dusting of snow on the ground.

It seems if there isn’t something negative to say about our teachers and school system, then let’s pick on the library.

What a pity that the Buckeye can’t be a professional paper and look for the good instead of the negative.

Mr. Pugh’s reporting of the recent library board meeting and the accompanying editorial comment seemed to find great glee in pointing out that the board gave the employees a $100 bonus instead of a traditional raise.

If he had done his research– as any good reporter would– Mr. Pugh would have found out that the library employees hadn’t received any raise for two out of the past five years, and each time the employees responded that they understood the financial problems being faced by the library.

Did he take the time to consider what that $100 raise would break down to per week for 50 weeks?

My goodness, how extravagant can we get?

The library has very dedicated, professional employees who do much more than just check out your books, and never hesitate to go above and beyond when necessary.

They are the people who keep the library functioning so well.

Too bad there aren’t professionals in our local newspaper office who do real reporting. No wonder I cancelled my subscription a couple of years ago.
John Bamonte

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