Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

Isn’t it ironic that the rallying cries of politicians on pledges of “no new taxes” are some of the ones whose policies led to the trillion-dollar deficit. Seems many who are still following the grand old party, which long ago drifted away from its roots, rail at monies to educate our children but don’t express outrage at policies that lead to hundred of thousands or deaths and the decimation of our country’s infrastructure, education, health care, etc. I thought our tax dollars had to pay for that.

The one-day cost for this war would educate a lot of young people. If we want outrage, let’s be sure it is towards the people who created and are still creating the problem instead of jeopardizing the future of our young people. They deserve the best… in teachers and facilities.

“No new taxes” is a good rallying cry, but the politicians who try this approach to get reelected fail to tell how they will pay for the present debacle.

Perhaps if the voters had been more astute we would be educating young people instead of funding wars.

Virginia Bamonte Archbold

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