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Letter To The Editor

A roadside sign on the west side of Archbold read, “Tolerant liberals stole my sign, but they can’t steal my vote.”

That’s odd. Using the word “tolerant” facetiously reveals that the person(s) who placed the sign thinks tolerance is not a good quality and is using the word as an insult.

Yet, tolerance is an admirable quality that any Christian person would strive to have. Insinuating that open-mindedness, patience, liberalism, charity, understanding, and respect for others’ opinions is a bad thing and shows a failure of character in the person(s) who placed the sign.

Tolerance is a good thing. If we all would maintain a tolerant attitude, one which allows ideas and opinions with which we do not agree to be aired in spite of our disagreement, and one which shows respect for others’ opinions, then we would be living the American ideal of freedom of speech.

The use of the word “tolerant” insincerely was unfortunate and divisive.

Another oddity was an exact duplicate of the sign on the north side of the village. What are the odds that two separate individuals independently placed exactly worded signs using identical rental displays at the exact same time in two separate individual yards across town.

It appears this was a concerted, premeditated operation by like-minded individuals, to attack the tolerance of liberals, as if that were a bad thing. We enjoyed the attempt. But the blatant obviousness of the concerted effort is humorous. Thanks for the chuckle.

I, as a liberal who respects the First Amendment’s tolerance, respect the rights of those individuals who placed the roadside signs. But I do not regard their disrespect for the American concept of tolerance in a favorable light.

Would that we all were tolerant, rather than divisive.

Sarah Maxwell Archbold

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