Archbold, OH
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Letter To The Editor

I did not join in Archbold’s protest, but if I were to hold a sign, it would read “All Lives Matter,” not because I wish to ignore or deny current or historical racial issues.

Nor would it be a refusal to hear and share in the pain of a minority.

Instead, it would be a call to a better future where we cease to see people as black, white, Hispanic, etc., and look upon each other as fellow human beings.

It would also be a challenge to do the hard work necessary to reach a future where all people are treated with dignity and respect.

“All Lives Matter” is also a prayer for me. I pray that when we look at each other we see the image of God in each person and that we would ask God to move in our hearts so we can treat one another with love and kindness.

This must start with those of us who claim to follow Jesus.

We must lead the way and show our world what it looks like to be respectful and considerate, even when we disagree.

We must ask God to help us put aside our own biases and assumptions so we can listen and act in love.

While I understand and respect the point being made, it saddens me that the family in last week’s Letter to the Editor was judged and found to be “less than” simply for a sign they held, with no attempt made to hear their story and find out why they displayed such a sign.

Until we can stop making snap judgments about others based on race, socioeconomic status or the signs people hold, true and lasting change cannot happen in regards to racial inequality or any other issue our society faces.

Sarah Short