Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

(Editor’s note: The photos referred to in this letter were posted on, Monday, June 1, not in the June 3 issue. Photos and an article appear in this week’s edition.)

In the Wednesday, June 3 issue were pictures of 40 people protesting the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Also pictured were two small white girls in a passing car holding signs that said “All Lives Matter.”

I was not in the picture of the 40 people on the sidewalk, but I was there, as were my husband and my granddaughter.

Black Lives Matter is a cry for people to understand that black lives were not shown to matter in the killings of so many black people by the police. It is a plea to be heard and to share in the pain of a minority who have been so mistreated and unvalued.

Replacing the “black” with “all” erases that history.

What hurts me deeply is that in this community, most parents consider themselves to be Christian, and yet these adults sanctioned their daughters’ discrediting of the specific grievances of those who have been mistreated and murdered and found no justice.

It is this refusal to care for the pain of others, which perpetuates the atrocities that continue.

Faith Wyse
Rural Archbold