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Letter To The Editor

Years ago, my young family was traveling east on Co. Rd. D, when a car from the north stopped on Co Rd 26.

I saw the car pull out right before we reached the intersection.

With no time for me to react, the car miraculously missed the back of our van by inches.

The Nov. 26 Archbold Buckeye quoted trustee Joe Short at the Archbold Village Council meeting on Nov. 18, “This is what we were elected to do, to help make things safer and better.”

Removing stop signs that have been in place for decades on Co. Rd. 24 does not make German Township a “safer” place to live.

In fact, it is quite the opposite.

The tragic accidents reported in the Buckeye have one thing in common: they take place at intersections where only one road stops.

Those of us who are older can remember the many accidents that happened at intersections like Co. Rds. 24 and E prior to installing four-way stop signs at E, F, and G.

That decision by former trustees has proven to be wise. The results were amazing.

How often have we wished that we had the power to prevent our neighbors and friends from the pain and emotional stress of injury accidents?

Our trustees do have that power to keep our German Township safer if we can encourage them to change their minds and not pull out stop signs on 24.

Reader, what is the number of high-speed injury accidents that you are ready to accept (trade for) the few seconds of time saved by not stopping on Co. Rd. 24?

Ross Nofziger