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Letter To The Editor

I would like to commend the Archbold student body for their total lack of respect for the Wauseon football team, cheerleaders, and marching band at the game Friday night.

As Wauseon was celebrating our Senior football players, cheerleaders and band members, you, the Archbold students, felt it was respectable to yell “Who Cares” after every name.

You also felt it was appropriate to boo the marching band.

This definitely does not live up to the spirit of the NWOAL.

You may not know that both football teams shared a pre-game meal on Thursday night. I am sure that you noticed that the Archbold band was invited to perform the national anthem. These two items show the proper respect for each other.

To top it off, a member of the Archbold fans (allegedly) felt the need to plant your flag at midfield.

I know that this was a big game and a big rivalry, but that is uncalled for.

I am sure that if the tables were turned around you would not feel these actions were appropriate.

While we didn’t win the game, we still remained respectful and wish the Blue Streak football team good luck on Friday in their playoff game.

Who knows, there may even be some Indians in the stands cheering on the Blue Streaks.

Michele Garbers