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Letter To The Editor

There is open war in America on babies and school age youth.

Infants are under attack in a mother’s womb by the enemy of abortion.

School age youth are under attack by two enemies. One enemy is school violence. The other enemy is bad information such as the fake science of evolution, the love affair with socialism, and the lies that gender is a spectrum and homosexuality is wholesome.

We need to acknowledge the root reason for these attacks. The Christian church has stopped telling people the good news of God’s salvation story, and is promoting social justice instead.

Social justice is a secondary result that comes from godly changes in the life of a born-again Christian.

The God of the Bible made the universe 6,000 years ago. His creative acts included forming and giving life to the first man and woman in a perfect, sinless state.

The same man and woman went against God’s command and brought complete, unfixable corruption into God’s perfect universe.

The punishment for this disobedience is eternal separation from God for all human beings in this life on earth and in eternal life after we die.

Upon dying, everyone deserves eternal torture in hell because we have all broken at least one of God’s commands and fallen short of His perfect glory.

God Almighty is the essential peacemaker. While mankind was powerless to pay the debt of our sin, God sent his only Son, Jesus, to do the job.

Jesus submitted his perfect life to death on a cross so he could pay the sin debt every person owes.

We can have peace with God if we confess Jesus to be our Lord and trust in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection to be the full payment for our sin debt.

Mike Whiteman