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Letter To The Editor

I would like to voice my disappointment in the outcome of the vote that was taken by the Archbold Village Council at their meeting on January 21 to unanimously support the sale of beer during a downtown concert set for June.

As mentioned at the meeting, “…it’s a big step for Archbold.”

I believe our community was founded on decisions exemplifying strong moral character. These decisions have allowed us to have a safe environment to raise our families.

Also stated at the January 21 meeting, “The money we raise (from the sale of beer) is going to our ball diamond project.”

Archbold has a history of being a generous community and when a need arises the people here get behind it with support, especially where our children are to be benefited.

I believe the unanimous decision to permit the sale of beer at a public concert is a poor model of what we desire for our children and for all who come to the event, and it is one that will open the door to do the same at all future public events held in Archbold.

I am disappointed and sad to have this happen.

Sandra L. Nofziger


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