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Letter To The Editor

With the recent article on the group home getting the spotlight, one would hope that in a Christian community like Archbold, we could set aside our agendas of property value and restrictive covenants in support of a group of individuals who have the same rights as the rest of us Americans: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Beyond this American ideal held up by our Declaration of Independence, we have a higher code as Christians.

Jesus said that we are blessed when we love the least of these in our midst. While someone who may be living in one of these homes is not “least” in God’s eyes, certainly society at large tends to put them into a lesser category.

With the strong Christian and family values that Archbold touts, one would hope that we can set aside our personal agendas, and even subdivision covenants, to truly support this effort.

It seems that the planning commission has a great level of comfort with the assurances that The Filling Home has provided. I hope we can all do the same.

Brad Bame Archbold

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