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Letter To The Editor

I read with interest the editorial, “A Sad Sign for Archbold.” I would like to address another drug problem that our youth of today face and that is alcohol.

Yes…alcohol is also considered to be a drug. Alcohol is more obtainable and less expensive than other drugs and is a more prevalent problem in the school systems.

As a community, we need to make the youth aware that alcohol is a very serious drug. We need to make the youth aware the risks of drinking alcohol and also, the consequences. Not only will there be consequences for the offender, but any adult caught supplying alcohol or knowingly allowing an underage child to consume alcohol can be punished by law, as well.

My 17-year-old son was killed in a car accident approximately 5 1/2 years ago. The other driver involved in the accident was driving with a suspended license (due to past DUIs), alcohol in his system and no insurance.

Losing a child was my worst nightmare, and it has been the most horrific pain I’ve ever had to endure. I never thought I would lose a child… I always thought that happened to other people.

Let’s not put our heads in the sand and think that bad things happen to other people. That’s just not the way life works.

Let’s protect our youth. We need to stand together as adults and show our youth what is right and wrong. Remember: Parents who host; lose the most.

Nancy K. Dolan Wauseon

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