Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

In reading the recent letter to the editor expressing the benefits of a Buckeye subscription, I was reminded of my own thankfulness for the paper as a historical resource.

In preparation for Archbold Boy Scouts Troop 63’s 75th anniversary to be celebrated in 2019, it was discovered that the names of many of our former Scoutmasters had not been kept.

So I set about to compile those records, first using Buckeye articles searchable from the Archbold Library website, and then using articles that are stored on microfiche at the library.

I feel like I’ve been in a time machine. Along the way toward my goal, I’ve celebrated with Archbold’s high school basketball team becoming the first team in Ohio to reach 1000 wins, mourned the loss of some of our boys to foreign wars, seen local structures rise and fall, and waded through rooftop drifts or floated away in a blizzard or storm.

And yes, thanks to the Buckeye, I was able to compile a list of 21 men who came before me, serving our Troop and our community as Scoutmasters in what turns out to have been Archbold’s third try at having a Boy Scout Troop in Archbold.

I also learned in my research that the first two attempts, one in 1916 and one in 1928, were both abandoned after a few years, before Troop 63 was founded in 1944 by the employees of LaChoy Food Products.

Thanks to the Taylor family and the staff throughout the ages for providing a service to our community.

When you write those articles, you just never know who might be reading them, even 75 or 100 years from now!

Chad D. Baus

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