Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

In response to the latest article about the St. Rt. 66 project, Mr. Fryman stated that ODOT did not have the same commitment to the 66 project as they did to the US24 project.

These projects are completely different; US24 is truly a super highway giving direct access from Toledo to Ft. Wayne.

The Rt. 66 project, on the other hand, is a mere nine miles of road which is not a direct access from the turnpike to 66 and certainly is not a super highway with up to seven roundabouts recommended.

In this article, Mr. Fryman stated that Archbold officials had never received anything in writing that they would not have to pay back the $1.3 million if they chose “No Build” now.

Yet, in July, Archbold received from ODOT three pages of comments and questions about the feasibility study that was submitted by Archbold on the Rt 66 project.

In the conclusion of those three pages, it was stated that if “No Build” was chosen the project ends!

The conclusion also stated that based on the data presented in the Feasibility document, the preferred alternative that Archbold presented could not be supported; to my knowledge, Archbold officials have not responded to ODOT.

All of this is public information and can be requested.

So my question to the Archbold Mayor and Engineer is why, if a private citizen can request this information and request ODOT’s position on the repayment of the $1.3 million and get a prompt answer back in writing, why have they not requested it from ODOT, and why have they not responded back to ODOT on the three pages of OES comments they received back in July?

Peggy Oyer

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