Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

After reading the front page story, “Archbold School Officials Apologize After Fan Plants Flag on Indians’ Field After Win” in the Archbold Buckeye, I recalled the mistakes of my own youth.

I’m relieved those errors in judgment were never publicized in the paper and immortalized in an editorial the same week. Why would they be? They were not newsworthy.

It was disappointing to see this current story sensationalized editorial news. Of greater disappointment were the editorial statements referring to a student’s mistake, “His actions reflect poorly upon our community. It lessens us in the eyes of others.”

As a community let us not be concerned if we are lessened in the eyes of others when our youth make mistakes. Let our concern lie in allowing our youth to learn and grow without unnecessary and inappropriate pressure of upholding a community’s reputation.

I believe the way we react to mistakes is a greater reflection of our community than the mistakes themselves.

Lessons were learned and appropriate steps were taken for atonement. The article and editorial printed days after the incident serve as shaming tools and gossip at best. The youth of this community, of any community, deserve better.

Megan Nafziger

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