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Mostly sunny

Letter To The Editor

One day this summer I was sitting in the park, waiting to pick up my son from his job at the pool, and I saw a familiar face walking through the park: a retired teacher and coach that my husband had when he was in school and who my son also had the privilege of having, as well.

As he was walking, I saw him pick up some trash that was along his path and throw it away.

It wasn’t his trash and he isn’t on the town payroll; he was just a man doing the right thing.

It made me smile.

I saw him again on another day walking and he found some more trash.

This trash looked more sticky and disgusting (the kind of trash most of us would steer clear from and pretend we didn’t see), and he picked it up, found the nearest trashcan and threw it away.

I spent a lot of time this summer picking my son up from the pool, and I saw this action replay over and over several times.

I don’t know this man well, but I am quite certain he does other kind acts with simple grace and humility.

I am grateful there are people who care about our town, who just quietly do the right thing and leave a wonderful example for me and others to follow.

I am also grateful for our awesome street and park departments, who truly make our town beautiful.

I am sure they appreciate the small, kind acts of Archbold citizens as well.

It’s amazing what can be done when we all do our part and work together.

Toni Babcock


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