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Letter To The Editor

If our daughter did not face the challenges of developmental disabilities, we might not have quite the same perspective on the topic of the proposed group home on Sylvanus Street.

But we have to advocate for her future, just as all parents are advocates for making sure all of their children reach their fullest potential.

In a community that spends a lot of time in our schools and our churches teaching the importance of respect for all people, and stewardship of all that we are given, why would we want to add to the challenges faced by the members of our community and their families who already face so many challenges daily?

We want to believe that a lot of the current emotion surrounding the proposed site has more to do with the definition of the term “group home,” than it is due to bigotry.

Archbold has a long history of being a caring community that supports and cares for all of its citizens. We hope our community can continue to be inclusive and supportive of faith-based organizations such as the Filling Home in carrying out their mission to support people with disabilities.

Ken & Michelle Collins Archbold

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