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Letter To The Editor

It is time once again for the North Pointe garage sales.

A lot of people look forward to this event every year (as do the trick-or-treaters, once a year).

The garage sales are on Thursday and Friday, June 2-3, from early morning until evening, approximately nine to ten hours each day (the trick-or-treaters only get two hours one night a year).

I think that everyone agrees that the safety of our children is paramount. And that is why, for two hours once a year, Quail Run and Quail Hollow are completely off-limits to dangerous traffic that might harm our precious children. Traffic may only enter at St. Anne St. and maybe Charles St., and travel only one way and must exit at North Pointe and Lutz Rd.

Parking is allowed only on one side of the street. Barricades are placed at designated streets, all in the name of safety.

Where are the safety concerns during the two-day garage sale event?

Cars are parked everywhere. People with young children and babies are walking everywhere. Driving and dodging cars and pedestrians is a nightmare. Backing out of one’s driveway is very scary.

Why doesn’t the village implement the same restrictions during the June North Pointe garage sales as they do for the trick-or-treaters?

Diane Sessen


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