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Letter To The Editor

“Going green.” We hear it everywhere…advertising, TV, radio, all types of marketing strategies.

“Going green” is great, but a person must look at the initial costs and the return on their investment.

For example, a small portion of the cost of a wind turbine may be used to add attic insulation, caulk cracks, replace windows, change incandescent lighting with compact fluorescent.

The point is, although very few can afford solar panels, wind turbines, etc…, especially without incurring interest costs on a loan for the initial installation, nearly all of us can afford simple, phased energy updates at present, and as time goes on.

Although the technology is there- wind, solar, biofuel- it may be out of reach for the common individual. With this in mind, we can all do our part to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels by introducing in small steps, rather than by one- to many, unaffordable- giant leap.

If everyone uses their own “common sense” approach to saving energy in small but meaningful ways, it will make a greater impact than those installing high tech devices.

But to those that can afford the high tech devices, the more power to you. Keep on saving energy.

Lee Short Archbold

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