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Letter To The Editor

As I observe the discussion concerning the issue of moving Rt. 66 to Co. Rd. 24, I find it interesting that complaints are being directed to the Archbold Village Council instead of where they should be directed.

I was a member of the Archbold Village Council when we worked to address the truck problem downtown by requesting the German Township Trustees authorize removal of some of the four-way stop signs on Co. Rd. 24 and allow trucks to use that road as an alternate way into the village.

The trustees chose to deny the request.

Had that request been approved, the situation we are in today might be different.

The Archbold Village Council has not requested that Rt. 66 be moved to Co. Rd. 24.

The council has simply addressed a growing problem, the ease of entry and exit to the vital industries within the village.

The need to consider the move has been furthered by the refusal of the German Township Trustees to accommodate the village’s request to open up Co. Rd. 24 to truck traffic in the past.

As a result, we are instead seeing the possibility of the complete movement of Rt. 66 instead of simply taking some moves to accommodate the village’s request.

Maybe the complaints about what is now being considered should be directed to the German Township Trustees instead of the Archbold Village Council.

Larry Baus


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