Archbold, OH

Letter To The Editor

Open letter to the village of Archbold and the surrounding area:

Recently it seems like I have been inundated with requests to write letters, attend meetings and speak out in regard to the rerouting of St. Rt. 66 to County Road 24.

As I look back at some of my past attempts, they date back to 2013.

Today, as I was wrapping gifts at Eliza Henry for a customer from Lyons, two other ladies from Hicksville were talking about how much they enjoy coming through Archbold and what a nice town it is.

The lady from Lyons was in town for a dental appointment and she agreed.

We talked about the relocation project that is being considered and one of the ladies from Hicksville said, “Why would they want to bypass the town, it is so nice to drive through.

“Who is pushing this?

“Is this the kind of legacy they want to leave? They will always be remembered as the people who destroyed the town.”

These are comments that I feel are important to share.

Do the people of Archbold really want to become an industrial hub, or do we want to hold on to the charm and beauty of small town living, where people come to raise their kids in our schools and churches.

The more small businesses that are forced out, the less there is to draw persons to our community.

Whether or not you work in retail, restaurants or factories or whether or not you own property on County Road 24… you will be affected.

Donna King


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