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Letter To The Editor

I was reading the Archbold Buckeye article, “Council Okays Beer Tent For Chili Cook-off,” and was disturbed by the seeming trend of Fulton County villages to bow to the economic pressures of today by offering alcohol at what is advertised as a family event.

I commend the tight security that the council is proposing; however, the message to our young people is still the same. Selling and buying alcohol at a family event is OK as long as the proceeds go for a good cause.

The Archbold Chamber of Commerce request and subsequent approval by the council is especially puzzling after the headline in a recent edition of another local newspaper stating, “Parent Surveys Say County Underage Drinking A Problem.”

If we as parents really feel that way, wouldn’t a good message for us to relay to our children be that drinking responsibly as adults includes choosing the right time and place; and a family event does not meet that criteria.

There will be many who defend the right to serve alcohol on city property as part of a family event, by saying that this is a free country and responsible adults should have the right to drink at these activities if they choose.

Rather than defining freedom as the right to do what we choose, a better definition might be that freedom is being given the opportunity to choose to do what is right.

Why in the name of financial gain or because we have the right to do it, do we think that makes it the right thing to do?

Ann Austin Wauseon

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