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I write this letter after talking with Joe Short regarding the article titled "Joe Short Won’t Seek Reelection" that appeared in the Jan. 13 issue of the Archbold Buckeye.
I told Joe I greatly appreciated the reason behind his not seeking reelection as a commissioner, yet I was very surprised to read one of the lines in the article, the one regarding his marital status.
Joe shared with me that what he submitted to the newspaper was the following:
"My personal priorities are God, my family and my work, in that order. This past year has been challenging to me personally. I have had a significant change in my family structure, which requires more of my times at home.
"I have two children with whom I love very much and I must as a responsible parent, do everything I can to give them the love and attention they deserve.
"These next few years are very critical in their development of becoming adults. I only have one opportunity to do this. I have asked God to carry me through these tough times and I have leaned on my friends and fellow Commissioners many times.
"There is a tremendous amount of energy and time commitment that is needed to be a commissioner and do this job correctly. I believe that is what Fulton County deserves.
"I have asked the residents of Fulton County to support me when I ran for the Fulton County commissioner position and they did. I will continue to work hard and finish out my term but I will not seek reelection.
"I have enjoyed my role as Fulton County commissioner and I believe I have done a good job. Maybe someday the situation may present itself again, if not I can go to bed each night knowing I did the best job I could in serving Fulton County."
I know that the additional note added to his statement regarding his marital status has caused undue emotional pain, and to me was therefore an unnecessary addition to the article.
I thought one of the blessings of living in a small town in America was the care and support given to each other, which was not the end result of this particular article.
People should know that Joe was taking the high road in the submission and content of his statement. It would have been a blessing to have his full and unedited statement included in the local newspaper.
Erich Christman


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