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Lessons From An Octogenarian Cyclist

Ralph Aschliman may have a lesson for everyone.

Well into his 80s, Aschliman still rides a bicycle, racking up mile after mile– more than 5,000 this year, more than 10,000 in two years.

At 12 miles an hour, he’s spent a lot of quality time on his bicycle. While enjoying himself, he’s listened to the singing birds, watched the rabbits and squirrels scampering about, and simply enjoyed quiet time with Mother Nature. Most of the time, many Americans are sealed in a car, racing to work, dashing to family and other commitments, locking out the close-up sights and sounds of nature.

Wouldn’t life be better if we get out of the car and enjoy a quiet walk?

Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to pump up the tires of the neglected bicycle in the back of the garage and go for a spin?

We probably won’t rack up the thousands of miles Aschliman has, but everyone could enjoy the benefits.

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