Archbold, OH

Legislators Play State Tax Shell Game

When Fulton County commissioners wanted to increase their share of the sales tax, they held a series of public hearings over several weeks, to inform the public and allow public comment.

Apparently, not so with state government. A one-quarter-of-onepercent increase (.25%) seemed to appear out of nowhere with the passage of the state budget.

The public hardly had a chance to learn about the tax before it became law.

At the same time, the state income tax was cut 10% over three years.

Also, state legislators deceivingly monkeyed with property tax reductions, so with each new or replaced property tax levy, property owners will pay more. With schools being forced to rely more and more on local property taxes, new or replaced property tax levies will become much more expensive.

The end result– citizens might save a little between the sales tax-income tax deal, but the savings will be eroded by the change to property taxes.

It’s a government shell game; give a little here, take a little there, then try to guess how your overall tax bill will come out in the end.

But when state legislators go up for reelection, they will beat their chests and announce on their blaring television commercials how they lowered the income tax.

See how that works?

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