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Learning Takes Place Every Day

Boys and girls at Archbold and Pettisville High Schools, and high schools across the nation, are walking across the stage to receive a valuable piece of paper– a high school diploma– for 13 years of study.

With the diploma, the government deems the youth have enough education to become informed, productive members of society. But, does learning stop?

Because a school board member hands out a piece of paper does not mean learning stops. It just begins.

Every person learns every day; from morning to night, and possibly even in dreams.

So long as a person can read a sentence, or think a thought, learning goes on.

With a high school diploma, youth believe they know nearly everything. Graduates soon learn they know little.

If the school system is successful, graduates have been taught to think, not what to think.

It is time for graduates to venture into real life, to learn about careers, relationships, starting families, and being part of a community.


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