Archbold, OH

Lead Poisoning

Yes, It Can Happen Here

So often, Archbold citizens are lulled into a false sense of security by the old axiom, “It could never happen here.”

Archbold is blessed in so many ways, from our amazing parks, our wonderful schools, our outstanding manufacturing firms, our vibrant retail community, and our marvelous churches to our honorable people: honest, hard-working, sincere, and giving.

Yet the things that “could never happen here” often do.

An example of that is the case of Koalton Manz, the Archbold boy who was discovered with lead poisoning.

His condition was discovered before he began to exhibit symptoms, which are irreversible.

Lead poisoning is something we connect with decaying inner cities- something that happens to other children, somewhere else.

Now it has happened here, to one of our own children. Another piece of Archbold’s veneer of invincibility has been chipped away, another layer of our insulation against the outside world has been peeled off.

With last week’s article about Koalton, this newspaper published guidelines for who should get tested for lead poisoning. Parents should check to see if their children are among those who should be tested.

Let us all hope that Koalton’s case is unique, and that he suffers no long-term effects from his experience.

Keep in mind, it happened here.

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