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Landscaping Started At Crash Site

Tracy Busch, director of the Henry County Emergency Management Agency, said work was ready to start on landscaping the site of an oil and diesel fuel spill.

Two trucks– one a tanker– crashed at the intersection of St. Rt. 34 and Henry Co. Rd. 24 about 9 am, Friday, March 31.

The tank was ripped off the tanker truck frame, and up to 300 gallons of used motor oil leaked on the ground at the southwest corner of the intersection.

Diesel fuel tanks from both trucks also ruptured, spilling about 200 gallons of diesel fuel.

Records available from the Henry County Auditor Office indicate the wreckage from the crash ended up on property owned by Lora A. Burrow, 24047 St. Rt. 34, Stryker.

Busch said soil contaminated by oil and diesel fuel had to be excavated. Contaminated soil was loaded into 22 containers, then shipped to a specially-certified landfill.

Oil and fuel were also removed from the surface of a pond on the property.

Tests taken from the cleanup site showed no further contamination, he said.

Busch said the Henry County commissioners have approved a process for recovering the costs associated with incidents like the March 31 crash.

Costs incurred by the Ridgeville Fire Department, including consumable items like absorbent materials and things like firefighter boots and gloves, will be charged to the at-fault party.

Also, the cost of time spent by EMA workers at the scene can be recovered.

Busch said the cost of the time of Henry County sheriff deputies involved in the crash investigation cannot be recovered.

However, one of the deputies had to walk through diesel fuel, which ruined his boots.

The cost of a new pair of boots will be added to the bill.

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