Archbold, OH

Lambert Says 79 Signed Up For Kindergarten

Dorothy Lambert, Archbold elementary principal, said as of Monday, March 15, 79 students were signed up to attend kindergarten next school year.

In her report to the Archbold School Board presented during its Monday, March 15 meeting, Lambert said the current sign-up compares to 73 students registered at the same time last year.

“I think we’ll have a nicesized kindergarten class next year,” Lambert said.

Students who have registered will attend kindergarten screening, Monday and Tuesday, March 22-23.

In his report, Matt Shields, middle school principal, said the school band and choir students held their first inperson performance on the stage at the high school. The performances were part of Music in Our Schools Month.

Choirs from grades 5-12 performed for each other, Tuesday, March 9. On Friday, March 12, the eighth grade band performed for the high school band in the morning, while the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade bands performed for each other that afternoon.

Shields added the middle school track season opened Monday, March 8 at Fairview. There are 32 boys and 28 girls out for track.


Royal Short reported that the junior class has been preparing for the prom.

Juniors worked AHS concession stands and held fundraisers to raise money for the event. The junior class prom committee has been meeting to plan the menu and theme, and junior class parents have been planning the after prom.

Short said walk-ins will be held at the high school at 5:30 pm, Saturday, May 1, and then prom starts at the Archbold Knights of Columbus Rebeau Hall at 6:30 pm. The after-prom is at the high school.

“This year’s activities will look a little different, but both the prom and afterprom planning committees are committed to providing the best event possible under the current conditions,” Short said.