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Lambert Family Doesn’t Benefit Directly From “ABC 4 Maddy”

Despite the fact the name of the group is “ABC 4 Maddy,” the Lambert family does not directly benefit from money raised by the group.

That’s what members of “ABC 4 Maddy,” or Archbold Blue Streaks Care For Maddy, said Monday, April 2.

“ABC 4 Maddy” is an American Cancer Society Relay For Life team, one of 30 teams that participate in the annual county Relay For Life fundraiser, said Deb Buehrer, a team captain and media assistant at the Archbold Elementary School library.

All money raised by the team goes to the American Cancer Society for cancer research.

“Maddy” is Madison Lambert, the nine-year-old daughter of Russ and Dorothy Lambert. Russ is a teacher at Archbold Middle School; Dorothy is the principal at Archbold Elementary.

Maddy, an elementary school student, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009.

The first year for “ABC 4 Maddy” as a relay team was 2011. Buehrer said the Lamberts wanted to start a Relay For Life team. D. Lambert sent out an email asking people to participate.

At that time, two other teachers had been diagnosed with cancer, and Cindy Heckel, a second grade teacher and a team captain, had fought leukemia.

Buehrer said the same day D. Lambert sent out the email, it was discovered Maddy had suffered a relapse.

“We said we’d take over the team– the three of us,” Buehrer said, indicating her other co-captains, Heckel and Jennifer Hurst, a second grade teacher.

About 55 or 60 people joined the team, including three-quarters of the elementary school staff, plus teachers from the Archbold middle and high schools.

Buehrer said several names for the team were discussed, but Maddy wanted her name as part of the name. Team members went along.

Relay teams hold fundraisers which culminate in a relay event, which starts on a Friday at 6 pm and goes until noon the following day. This year’s event is June 8-9 at the Fulton County Fairgrounds.

Last year, “ABC 4 Maddy” raised more than $13,000 for cancer research.

The Fulton County Relay for Life raised in excess of $165,000.

New treatments for cancer have been developed, Heckel said.

“It’s all the result of research, and without money, you can’t do research,” she said.

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