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Labor Day Celebrates Everyone

Monday is Labor Day, a time to celebrate those who labor in America.

In reality, that’s just about all of us.

Whether it’s the farmer who tills the soil, the factory worker who turns raw materials into finished goods, the office worker who toils at a desk, or the mother who tends to her children at home, everyone is doing work to keep the nation running smoothly. Everyone needs honored for their contributions.

The great majority of us work to bring home wages, which we use to feed, clothe, and shelter ourselves.

But there is more. It’s pride in work done well and jobs completed quickly and efficiently. At times, praise and recognition from persons who supervise and direct us mean as much as a weekly paycheck.

Indeed, work is such an important part of life that many, even after retirement from a long career, find themselves tinkering around the house or perhaps even taking another job, just to keep busy.

While the Labor Day holiday was created to honor American workers, it’s not a free pass for all.

There still will be those at work on Labor Day: police officers, convenience store clerks, hospital staffs, and many, many others. All will be on the job.

Celebrate Labor Day… you’ve earned it.

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