Archbold, OH

KOGS: Training We Hope Girls Never Have To Use

It is a terrible thing that KOGS, or Keeping Our Girls Safe, exists.

But we must recognize and salute it for the service it provides.

The group gives self-defense training to women and girls, techniques they can use to escape an attacker.

KOGS was formed after the 2016 abduction and murder of Sierah Joughin. It was started by Joughin’s friends and family.

Lauren Coressel, Chloe Nofziger, and Riah Short, AHS juniors, spearheaded the effort to bring KOGS classes to AHS.

Generations of women have known there are too many men who would harm them. The Joughin murder is proof of that.

Girls cannot go where they wish, at the time they wish, without thinking about the danger that lurks around the next corner, about the suspicious man following them, about the car that’s passed them two or three times.

It’s a horribly unfair and unjust situation.

With the help of KOGS, AHS girls will now have training to prevent themselves from also becoming victims.

It would be wonderful if they were never required to put their KOGS training to use.

We are, however, glad they have it.