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Kinsman Tries For Olympics This Sunday



Rachel Kinsman

Rachel (Sauder) Kinsman said Monday she is prepared for a second attempt to join the United States Olympic Team as a marathon runner.

She will travel to Boston, Mass., Sunday, April 20, for the trial, the day before the Boston Marathon. On her first attempt at the Olympic team, she missed the cut for the top three by finishing 20th.



Kinsman took time from run- ning after the birth of her second child, Adison, on Oct. 25, 2007.

"I ran all the way through my pregnancy and took four weeks off. After that, I started slow, and started training in January," she said.

While training, she said she eats what she wants, "but I eat healthy things."

Her biggest training challenge, she said, has been finding time to run. In addition to soonto be six-month-old Adison, she has a daughter, Rayne, 2 1/2.

When running in the morning, she plans her day, and, "I try to visualize the race. I think about what I’m doing, relaxing my face. I think about my gait, my leg speed, my form," she said.

She said training has gone well, with no injuries.

Big Part

Rachel Kinsman will compete in the Olympic trials for the marathon this Sunday in Boston.-file photo

Kinsman said running has been a huge part of her life.

The 1992 Archbold High School graduate won nine state titles. She attended Auburn (Ala.) University and was named an All-American.

Her family provides support. She relies on her husband Mike to make it possible.

"I couldn’t do it without him," she said. For the Olympic trial, the whole family will be in Boston: Mike, the girls, Mom and Dad (Dean and Darlene Sauder, Archbold), along with two youngsters from her senior high youth group.

"Am I going to make the Olympic Team? Probably not. But it’s worth trying, and it’s neat to have the opportunity again," she said.- David Pugh

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