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King To Teach Math At Middle School

The Archbold Area School Board approved hiring Jeremy D. King, a 2002 Archbold High School graduate, to teach seventh grade math during the board’s Monday, June 21, meeting.

King graduated from Bluffton University in May 2006. He has taught middle and high school math and high school engineering in the Edon school district since 2007.

King will become athletic director and manage concessions at the middle school.

Amy DeLong, Jennie Johnson, Maria Oyer, and Deb Nafziger were contracted to serve as intervention teachers at Archbold Elementary School this summer.

The board also approved contracts for teachers to serve as intervention teachers for the Ohio Gradua- tion Test over the summer months.

Ben Gericke will teach reading and writing; Laura Bickel, science; Joe Frank, social studies; and Brenda Beck, math.

The board approved supplemental coaching contracts for Bryan Miller, head AHS football coach; Andy Bentley, Jack Downey, Baldo Quintanilla, Ryan Sell, and Cameron Thompson, assistant high school football coaches; and Cynthia Clark, seventh grade volleyball.

Rip Stick?

The board approved handbooks for students and parents for the elementary and high schools.

Phil Nofziger, board member, said skateboards and inline skates cannot be used on school property, but the handbook makes no reference to rip sticks, a combination of inline skates and a skateboard.

“I see them being used at the elementary,” Nofziger said.

Deskins said he would make a note of the rip stick question.

The board approved a series of fund transfers requested by Christine Ziegler, district treasurer.

The transfers are routine, allowing her to close the books on the 2009-10 fiscal year.

The board approved temporary appropriations, based on 75% of the 2009-10 budget.

The board approved renewing a contract with Healthcare Process Consulting. The company assists the district in recovering expenses that the federal Medicaid program will reimburse.

“Each year, the amount reimbursed increases. It’s a good thing that we’re able to recoup the expenses,” said David Deskins, superintendent.

Exec Session

The school board met in executive session for about 90 minutes. Stated reasons for the closed-door session were employment, compensation, demotion, and promotion of public employees.

All board members were present; all votes were unanimous.

The next meeting is Monday, July 19, 5:30 pm, at the Archbold High School media center.–David Pugh

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