Archbold, OH

Kindergarteners Enjoy Feast



Each year, kindergarteners, teachers, and parents work to put on a feast for the youngsters. It demonstrates how the pilgrims and the native Americans came together in the first Thanksgiving feast in the early 1600s. This year’s feast was held Friday, Nov. 16. There were costumes made of construction paper, a few feathers and paper bags, and a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. At top left, Kris Warner, kindergarten teacher, helps Madison Roth, dressed as a pilgrim, with her meal, while Indian Shane Eicher looks on. Middle top and right top, Elijah Barrientos enjoys pumpkin pie, while Olivia Villanueva gives the feast a thumbs-up. Bottom left, Lauren Coressel, left, and Naomi Rodriguez check out each other’s trays. Middle bottom and right bottom, Lauren Horst enjoys her meal, while Dominique Beltran adjusts his pilgrim hat.- photos by David Pugh











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