Archbold, OH

Kidston Not Moving Forward With Michindoh Aquifer Project

Ed Kidston, chief executive officer of Artesian of Pioneer, said he will probably not move forward with his proposal to draw water from the Michindoh aquifer and sell it to Toledo suburbs.

Toledo and its suburban communities had been in negotiations over the sale of water treated by Toledo and piped to the suburbs.

He said some of those suburban officials didn’t think Toledo was “playing fair” in its negotiations, and Kidston’s proposal offered a viable option to compete with the city.

His proposal created a firestorm of opposition, particularly from people in Williams County, who feared his company would pump so much water from the threestate aquifer that public and private wells would run dry.

But now, Fulton County and some of the suburban communities, are signing 40-year contracts with the city of Toledo for water service.

“Obviously, we’re not going to go forward with a project with no customers,” he said.

To those who vehemently opposed his project, Kidston said they should have waited “to see how it played out.”

Big Deals

“We were excited to be involved, and we provide a good alternative,” Kidston said.

“But the thing with these big deals that people don’t realize is if you get three out of 10, that’s a good average. You’re batting .300.

“I’ve never been one to let the fear of striking out keep me out of the game.”

Kidston agreed he spent a significant amount of money on the project, “but that’s just the way our business works. You invest a lot of time up front.

“I’m not crying in my soup. You invest in a project; some materialize, and some don’t. It’s nothing unusual.”

He said he has already moved on to other projects.


As part of his project, three observation wells were drilled near Fayette.

He said they will either be permanently sealed or be capped for potential use by the landowner.

Using another baseball analogy, the possibility of his Michindoh aquifer moving forward “isn’t over till it’s over.”

While unlikely, the deal between Toledo and the suburbs could fall apart, and his project would again be an option.