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Keeping Staph At Bay

There are so many things lurking about that want to kill us. Cancer. Polluted water. West Nile Virus. Auto crashes. Global warming.

Now, we add a new killer to the list- staph and its malevolent strain, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, or MRSA. Because MRSA resists treatment and is potentially deadly, it has become known by a more common and descriptive name: Super Bug.

Staph infections have been popping up in schools across the nation, and in Northwest Ohio.

Custodial staffs at the Archbold and Pettisville school districts are fighting the staph bacteria where it lives, in locker rooms and showers, door knobs and drinking fountains. Both schools go over and above what is necessary, cleaning schools top to bottom, stem to stern.

This is not just a rag and maybe a little soapy water job- custodians go after germs and bacteria with chemical weapons. They use special disinfectants specifically engineered for the job.

It is a lonely battle, often waged at night. Archbold and Pettisville custodians never let up, never shirk their duties in the battle against germs. The gleaming hallways and sparkling restrooms are testimony to the fact.

Staph bacteria are persistent foes, but our school custodians are up to the job of wiping out germs and protecting our children.

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