Archbold, OH

Keep Promises To Voters

The Archbold Area School Board made an unofficial, unwritten pact with voters in the Archbold school district last year. Now there are indications the pact is crumbling.

The agreement said if Archbold Area School District voters approved an operating levy, the school board would cut operating expenses, with minimal impact on education.

The voters held up their end of the bargain, approving the $1.1-million, 4.91-mill property tax with almost 66% of voters casting in favor, during the November 2006 General Election.

The board has done a good job of cutting, and cutting, and cutting. Highsalaried teachers took retirement, positions have been eliminated, and other ways to save money were found.

But now the board may add personnel to the payroll because some of the cuts were too deep. Even with a new hire or two, the total number of staff will still be below pre-2006 levels.

However, adding faculty to the payroll isn’t what voters agreed to during the November 2006 election. Is this the beginning of a slow, steady return to the days of fat budgets?

Any new hiring must be thoroughly justified as absolutely essential.

The board made a deal with the voters. Voters expect promises to be kept.

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